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January 15, 2011

Hunting and Gathering

A southern Colorado landscape: Junipers, cholla cactus, prickly pear cactus, sandstone—and occasionally rabbits.
I go out with Sawtooth and one of his students, walk for two hours, and get one rabbit, which is now in the pot with onions, garlic, and some of last summer's mushrooms.

M. hikes up onto the national forest and comes home with a pair of compact binoculars. It looks as though their neck cord broke while someone was pushing through the oak brush.

They're just Simmons, but they work. Hunting and gathering.

"Damn, we're good," she says, making dinner.

April 15, 2005

One More Blizzard?

After 13 years' residence in the Wet Mountains of Colorado, I have my own personal weather lore that says it usually snows only one more time after the first broadtailed hummingbird arrives.

The first male hummer arrived on Wednesday the 13th. Dare we hope? It has been a long, snowy winter.

Meanwhile, Roman rabbits

I usually think of "invasive species" as a New World problem, but here is archaeological evidence of the introduction of rabbits to Britain by the Romans, a significant change to that island's ecosystems>. (Via the archaeology blog Cronaca.