November 29, 2023

Life, Death, and Coffee in Clayton, New Mexico

No one is ever on the sidewalks in Clayton, New Mexico. Its population has trended down since 1960, and if you want to visit a store or other business, you can generally park right in front. The longest walk in town is probably from the farthest truckers' diesel pumps to the convenience store entrance at the Love's fuel stop.

I once tried to walk around downtown (was staying at the restored Eklund Hotel) and came the nearest ever to being forcibly disincarnated by a passing pickup truck, even through I was crossing with the light. I felt the backwash of Death's wings, I can tell you that. 

Maybe the driver was so unused to seeing a person on crossing the street that he assumed I was an incorporeal ghost. Or he was drunk.

So when I make my regular US 87 coffee stop at Crossroads Coffee (a.k.a. Mock's Crossroads Coffee Mill) I park in front or in the little gravel lot alongside, or on rare occasions I use the drive-up window.

There's no need to walk.


  1. I used to drive through Clayton on my way to Dallas from Fort Collins. You nailed the description.

  2. Not so dissimilar here, though people do walk around the Square, kind of, and I make a point of striding about.

    Some English people visited and thought they'd go for a stroll, they walked across the road/bridge over I 35 and back again.

    I said, "What, you did that? Only homeless people do that." Hey, they emerged unscathed.

  3. I've driven through Clayton quite a few times when driving to see a friend in Oklahoma City. We even used the facilities and bought some snacks at the Love's you mentioned.

  4. We'll try Crossroads next time we're through town...


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