March 19, 2024

Blog Stew: You Are Tracking It

Watch the video trailer for a class on animal trailing and tracking taught by Casey McFarland,  "but also, by extension, appreciating our connection to the natural world and how to view it more discerningly."

At the website, select "Nature Watching: How to Find and Observe Wildlife." and click the "Start Free Trial" button. See what you think.

This small fact has been in the news of late. I read it at The Hill in February: Plastics recycling is a bigger scam than 'cigarettes are good for you.' Coincidentally, the reccyling facility that I used went from "accepting plastic" to "separate no. 1 and no. 2 plastics" to "sorry, no plastic accepted."

After her angler husband died, Dylan Demery of Fort Collins wanted to take up fly-fishing herself.

Then she ran into the fly fishing-bros at the typical fly shop, who would ask her if she was buying something for her husband, if they waited on her at all.

Frustrated, she started her own women's gear line and fishing school, as described The Colorado Sun

Fishing wasn’t going to lose her. Ranalla became hooked — heh — after fishing helped her as much physically as mentally: fly casting helped her rehabilitate from an injury when nothing else worked. She was willing to wear waders that fit her poorly because she loved the sport. There aren’t many like her. Not even her daughter, in fact, was willing, and that’s what drove Ranalla to change the industry. Her daughter is tall, 5’11, and shaped like a woman. 

“I wanted my daughter to go into the water with me,” Ranalla said. “I bought the best thing I could find. It was lame. I knew she would never get in the water with it.”

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