December 01, 2004

What's in Your Go Kit?

Here is an interesting list of things you should have in your jump kit/go kit--in other words, the bag you might keep packed in your backcountry vehicle or in your home in case of emergency. But as the authors point out, the main "go kit" is between your ears. (Thanks to Making Light.)

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Tom said...

These kits do have a bunch of good things listed. A few additions I would suggest are: keep the batteries in individual packages or in the store packaging until used. If they butt against one another, they will lose power, and if they are left in the flashlight any length of time, you risk ruining both the batteries and the flashlight from leakage. I prefer the latex gloves because they don't rip really big; a little protection is better than none at all. Buy hypoallergenic. Buy two pair, they're cheap!