July 17, 2007

Blog Stew

¶ When performance art meets the question of nature as "socially constructed". Hominids talking mainly about hominid stuff, in other words, without reference to much else.

¶ Ray Ring at The Goat tries to blame a bear killing a boy and the deaths of three men in a Utah wildfire on global warming. But commenters beg to differ--at least about the bear. Blaming large fires on global warming over-simplifies the case too. I remember when a Colorado State University forestry student did her PhD research on historic fires in the Sangre de Cristo range a few years ago. Her tree cores, etc., demonstrated that the 1840s, for example, were a real holocaust on the range's eastern side--and where was global warming then?

¶ Speaking of black bears, what looked like a young one tried to stroll in front of the Jeep last week as M. and I were driving down Colorado 115 between the Springs and Penrose. I gave him a series of short beeps (persons or livestock on the track) and he ran back into the oak brush. Evidently he was on his way to Fort Carson and Tom Warren's loving care.

Walking the site of the Mann Gulch Fire , which Norman Maclean described in Young Men and Fire.

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