December 29, 2007

A Wolf in RMNP?

The big Colorado wildlife news is a possible wolf sighting in Rocky Mountain National Park.

On Dec. 4, experienced park volunteers saw a black canine emerge from the trees at Moraine Park, lift its leg to urinate and then dart away once the animal noticed it had company, said biologist Jeff Conner, a natural resource specialist for Rocky Mountain National Park.

Funny how this happens in the middle of the elk-control controversy. The god of irony rules the universe.

Via Outdoor Pressroom.


mdmnm said...

If wolves do move in there, that will really be ironic! Wonder how folks in the mountainous suburbs of Denver will react?

Chas S. Clifton said...

If the pattern followed the reaction to mountain lions described in The Beast in the Garden, the answer might be "not as violently as you would expect."

One of the major points made by the author, David Baron, was that contrary to a generation or two ago, the new foothills residents of northern Colorado did not demand that the Division of Wildlife remove the cats, even when pets and at least one person were killed.

So perhaps it would be the same with wolves.