April 22, 2009

Another Sure Sign of Spring

As sure a sign of spring as the return of hummingbirds is the news release from the Colorado Division of Wildlife advising people not to pick up "abandoned" babies.

It seems counter intuitive, but according to wildlife experts, it is normal to find young wild animals without an adult animal nearby. Well-meaning people sometimes scoop up baby wildlife and bring them to wildlife rehabilitation facilities, veterinary clinics, or Colorado Division of Wildlife offices, but experts say that is the wrong thing to do.

If you find young wildlife, enjoy a quick glimpse, leave the animal where it is, and keep pets out of the area.

"The best thing to do if you are concerned is to quietly observe the animal from a distance using binoculars. Don't hover so close that the wild parents are afraid to return to the area," advises Colorado Division of Wildlife Officer Jeromy Huntington.

"If several hours go by and the parent does not return, it is possible the newborn was abandoned or the parent is dead (hit by a car, for example) then report it to the Division of Wildlife. Do not move the animal yourself," he said.

Although M. and I did take the wildlife-transport class, we have not yet had any calls to transport critters.

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April Lorier said...

Though sad, it makes perfect sense to me. We don't want animals imprinted by humans unless we intend to raise them for life! Glad your feed is on my blog. Makes it convenient to stop by impulsively! :-)