April 07, 2010

Wind Turbines Interfere with Radar, Solution Promised

Wind-turbine blades can interfere with radar that tracks airplanes, an Air Force general says.

Turbine builders, including Vesta, which has a plant underway in southern Colorado, say they "are working on it."

We now await the environmentally friendly Mark 3 Stealth Turbine with radar-absorbing blades.

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Mark Churchill said...

Several years ago I attended the North American Falconers' Association field meet in Garden City, Kansas. Much of my hawking was done closer to the town of Cimarron, south of which there was a huge wind farm: hundreds or possibly thousands of turbines stretching for miles, but centered on the junction of two highways. Every night in my hotel room back in Garden, The Weather Channel showed what appeared to be a stationary rainstorm, right over that junction—Doppler radar was picking up the rotation of all those giant blades and interpreting the motion as precipitation. So it doesn't surprise me that the air Force is having similar problems...