July 01, 2010

The Best Online Weather Forecast--for Colorado

I have decided that the best summertime online weather forecast is not from the National Weather Service, nor the Colorado Springs TV stations, nor Accuweather or Weather Underground nor any other commercial site.

During fire season, I go to the Rocky Mountain Area Fire Potential Outlook weather briefing.

Narrated by a serious, nerdy sort of voice (definitely not a broadcast media major), it gives more detail about what is going on than do any of the television meteorologists.

The focus is on Colorado and Wyoming, but you can also see what is happening large-scale in New Mexico, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas.

It looks like southeastern New Mexico is getting some moisture flow from Hurricane Alex, but that flow is being blocked from our area, unfortunately.


mdmnm said...

Really good tip!

Coloradocasters said...

Wow. Good find. I like the wind pattern info over other news formats for sure.

A viewer may have to sit through some stuff that is more important to fire fighters which is the only downside (Yeah, the guy does sound a bit like Ferris Bueller’s teacher).

Still a good site to bookmark for that weather double check.