May 28, 2011

Finally, a Bear

All through late April and May, M. had been coming home from her walks (and I from mine) noting the lack of bear sign. Where were they?

So on May 21, before we left for a short trip to Taos, I put a scout camera on what I call prosaically The Hidden Trail, the same place where I recently captured the mule deer doe.

This morning I walked up there with fresh batteries and a fresh SD card and right away noticed that the camera seemed to be a little askew.
Brown fur in front of the lens, uh-oh.
Yep, the usual culprit. At least this bear did not try to destroy it but was just investigating.

As I thought. While we were in town, a bear came by.
So the bears definitely are out and about. This one looks pretty healthy—will its particular shade of brown be enough to identify it if I see it again?

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