April 09, 2012

H-Day + 1

Credit: National Park Service
On March 29th at her BIrds and Nature blog, SeEtta Moss linked to a report showing broad-tailed hummingbirds migrating through southern New Mexico.

Two days ago I brought up the feeders from the basement and mixed some sugar water—and sure enough, yesterday, morning, a male hummer buzzed the house.

Only we have not heard or seen him since. Must have been the advance scout.

Typically they arrive around April 15th, a few times earlier, and one snowy spring not until May 1st. Last spring, which was dry, "Chico" arrived on the 17th.

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Reid Farmer said...

Haven't seen any up here yet, but planning to put my feeder up this week. The juncoes and chickadees have left, but the spring birds have yet to arrive