December 26, 2012

Must-Watch Neanderthal Television

Watch Decoding Neanderthals Preview on PBS. See more from NOVA.
Nova's January 9 episode will be devoted to the latest research on Neanderthal people, says anthropologist John Hawks.

That's his voice on the trailer, talking about the "mother of all image problems."

Rocky Mountain PBS actually has it scheduled on that date at 8 p.m., unless they suddenly decide to replace it with Antiques Roadshow or another John Denver special.

1 comment:

Darrell said...

Occasionally I'll see a person and think, Caveman! There's a guy at work who looks Neanderthal, he does digital prepress for a living. He eats enough for three men, and never puts on weight.

I once saw a redheaded Neanderthal riding a bicycle on the east side of the Springs. They're still out there somewhere...