September 22, 2013

Refunds for Colorado Hunters in Flood Units

(news release)

DENVER – Colorado Parks and Wildlife will offer exchanges or refunds and reinstatement of preference points for hunters in units and seasons adversely affected by the flood.

Game Management Units include: 7,8,9,19,191,20,29,S1,S19,S37,S57

Seasons included in this offer include Archery and Muzzle-loading deer, elk, and bear; Archery and Rifle bighorn sheep; and Archery, Muzzle-loading, and Rifle moose.

Hunters can download the application for license refund.

Requirements for this offer are as follows:

--Hunter must return a non-voided (i.e. carcass tag is still attached) license to CPW in person or postmarked by midnight, September 27, 2013 with the application for license refund request form or letter explaining request.

--It is OK if hunters have already hunted as long as they have not killed an animal; hence the requirement for a non-voided license submission.

Options for hunters include:

If a hunter used preference point(s), either:
--preference point(s) will reinstated to pre-draw levels and a refund
--preference point(s) will be reinstated to pre-draw level and license exchanged to an OTC license or an available leftover in a different unit from the flood units.

If hunter did not use preference point(s):
--a refund or exchange for an available license will be issued.

Notification of these options will be made to hunters by mail, website, news release, and our Facebook page.  CPW will notify all hunters as soon as possible.

Information on over the counter and leftover licenses.

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