April 10, 2014

"Misinformed" by Realtors

Whoever keeps up the Facebook page for the county road and bridge department just posted this:
Dear local realtors, please feel free to ask if you are unsure if a property is located on a county maintained road, I will happily give you the correct information. I have had 3 of your potential customers in my office today researching property that they were interested in and all had been "misinformed" by the listing agent. Your customers would rather hear it from you than to waste their time looking at properties that are not going to work for them. 719-zzz-zzzz is our phone, 719-xxx-xxxx is our fax or email us at •••@••••••.••• or message me here. Thanks.
You want real estate agents who are both knowledgeable and truthful? What planet do you live on?

Especially when it comes to water, which is only of huge importance in the rural West. I will never forget the agent who pointed out a piece of junk pipe lying in the backyard weeds — of a house we eventually bought, it's true — and said that it was where the irrigation water came out.

No, it was up the hill about fifty yards away, and the lateral (acequita to my New Mexico readers) was in terrible shape.

The agent who handled our purchase of this house had no idea about the well that served it. By that time, however, I was better prepared, and I cold-called some of our prospective neighbors to get the information that I needed before we committed to the purchase.

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