June 12, 2014

Birds, Beer, and Birds

This is not a condor nest.
¶ A California condor chick may have hatched in Zion National Park; nest still under observation.

SW Colorado sheriff tries shaming high-schoolers after end-of-year kegger that trashed a national forest site. Why the coyness about "a mountain town," Channel 4?

¶ Cornell's ornithology lab as a contest for "funky nests in funky places" — urban bird nests that are cute, funny, funky (a versitile word), or inconvenient (to humans).

I am not entering, but if I did, I would once again nominate the Cordilleran flycatchers, who sneaked in while M. and I were away in Taos and built a nest on the front porch light.

Of course, they ignored the nice, high, safe, sheltered nesting platform that I built for them on the back side of the house in favor of being right next to the front door.

The female is on the eggs, but I did not want to blast a flash in her face up close.

It's the annual flycatcher soap opera, a repeat of 2012's episode.

The photo contest entry deadline is July 1st.

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