November 09, 2015

The Farmer Wave and the Jeep Wave

Call it the Farmer Wave, the Rancher Wave, or the [Blank] wave, you had better learn it hereabouts too. In Iowa, it has an official week, which is just now ending.

And then there is the Jeep Wave. Instead of saying "I trust you," it is saying, "You're more hardcore than I am. And I trust you."

Protocol dictates that (usually) the owner of the newer Jeep wave first, so when driving my 1973 CJ-5 I can just cruise regally along, awaiting my due acknowlegement.
It gets at least 50 points on this scale. 

But I keep an eye out for that guy down in town who has the CJ-3B.


Darrell said...

I once got the farmer's (rancher's) wave near the intersection of the Old Pueblo Road and Hanover Road, probably the nearest I've got one to a metro area (the Springs). I figure coming in on the Hanover Road told the other guy I knew what I was about. ;^)

mdmnm said...

78 CJ-5, I go first when we pass.

Chas S. Clifton said...

Darrell: Yeah, it's all about population density. "The wave" occurs only in places where people have to depend on each other because officialdom is an hour away.

Chas S. Clifton said...

M: And my CJ is probably rougher-looking, e.g., in terms of things held together with hose clamps, cable ties, etc.