November 23, 2018

"The Kind of Men Who Carry Pocketknives"

 A good article from Appalachian Magazine:
"Though less than forty years have passed, I am often astonished to see just how drastic the world has changed from the time I was a small boy.  Some of these changes have been for the better, but others – just to put it bluntly – I’m not so sure about.

"Yes, technology, vehicles, and even our day to day lives are a far cry from how the world was only a generation ago, but when I survey the changing landscape of America, the greatest change I see is found in the people themselves."
Read the whole thing.


Woody Meristem said...

A pocketknife was my companion through much of high school and has been ever since. The most used blade on the one I carry now has its most used blade worn narrow from sharpening. I'm glad I'm old, even though I've got far more yesterdays than tomorrows, because I'd certainly be expelled from school for carrying a pocketknife -- even though it's as easy to kill someone with a lead pencil as with the small knife I carry.

Darrell said...

I carried rather large folding Benchmades for years, then my employer banned pocket knives after some fool got carried away with his. The employer did make an exception for those of us in maintenance, but did limit the size of the blades--~3"long, IIRC. I wound up getting a Kershaw Leek after that, great little knife. Still carry it to this day.

Dan said...

Over here in the UK, generations of idiotic lawmakers who confused a thing with an action have led to drastic and mostly futile regulation of pocket knives. As the law now stands, a person may not carry a knife with a blade over three inches long, nor one with a folding blade which can be locked in place, without a reasonable excuse.

This has basically done precisely nothing to stop idiot kids stabbing each other, but the lawmakers are well pleased because they have Done Something.