May 13, 2019

Nevertheless, She Pointed

Wendy, the visiting German wirehaired pointer, is a  .  .  .   pointing dog. She is impressive on pheasants, but she cannot pass up a robin in a city park either.

Tonight it was the broad-tailed hummingbirds that earned her concentrated and beady/birdy stare. They. Are. Birds.

Evidently that's how it works.

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Galen Geer said...

Wendy is a wonderful doggie. She is sweet, dedicated, and full of more energy than any other dog her size. She is sweet as apple pie and naughty as chocolate cake. If she wants your hat she will wait until you take it off and leave it on a table or on the bed then she will grab it and be gone. (No 60 seconds with Wendy. She is gone in Two seconds!). She will also pick up here food dish and carry it around and wait to drop it on the floor until you are distracted. Maybe she likes to make people jump.
Isn’t she a lot of fun to have around?