January 26, 2022

Oh Gawd, There Is a Puppy in the House

 I am at my desk reading the morning news. 

There is a swishing sound, but it does not really register on me.

Then I go out into the hallway to see this white stripe going down its length into the living room.

At the end sits a Certain Dog, very pleased with himself.

"I thought only cats did that," I said.

He is now eleven months old, an adolescent mix of serious  and goofy.

We think that he might catching up on puppy shenanigans that the more regimented life at the breeder's prevented him from enjoying when he was half this age.

Like most dogs, he figures that going Full Wigglebutt ensures that all will be forgiven.


Mark Farrell-Churchill said...

: )

Midwest Chick said...

Goofy puppy stuff is good for the soul. He's hit the doggy equivalent of the jackpot with you and M.