April 30, 2023

No Matter What We Do, They. Keep.Trying.

The National Weather Service office in Pueblo posted these radar images on Facebook today.

See the oval on the left? That is not rain, it's birds.

No matter what we do. No matter who is running for president. No matter whether the stock market is up or down. No matter how wet or dry the winter was (dry here in the Arkansas River drainage),  they keep trying to live their ancient, ancient lives.

You can do them a solid by turning off as many lights as possible. They don't need your lights. They know the way.


Tam said...

The contrast between this post and your next one is interesting.

If I give in to the enviroweenies and turn off the lights for the birds, won’t that just encourage criminals?

Chas S. Clifton said...

Urban landscapes are lit up far beyond security needs. How does having all the floors of an office builing lit help you on the street? Do you need to be able to read a book in every corner of a giant shopping mall parking lot when the stores inside are closed?

Next time you're driving at night, notice how many lights are just shining in your eyes, messing with your night vision and giving you eyestrain. Those don't help humans very much.

You can have adequate security light with good design and keep the skies darker. Here are some simple examples.