August 08, 2023

Help! Which Beetle is This?

I was taking Marco to a favorite pond yesterday when I saw this large beetle marching down the dirt road we were on. Overall length was about 2 in./5 cm.

I thought of a pine sawyer, but there are no pine trees in that area, only cottonwoods. There is a cottonwood borer, but it has a distinctive black and white pattern.

One that looks close is the palo verde beetle. No palo verdes grow here in southern Colorado, but I read that their grubs will also bore into cottonwood roots. Maybe someone could save me a hard day's night of reading guidebooks and websites and identify it?

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Ron said...

Based on a photo search on the interwebs, if it's not a palo verde beetle, then it sure is a good imitation of one.
The wiki article at the link says "D. hovorei can feed on the roots of a variety of trees, including the Siberian elm, white and fruitless mulberry, various cottonwoods...".