January 20, 2024

Biggish Cats, Short Tails


In early January 2024 Mario Angeles video'd these two lynx near Silverton, Colorado. That is a special moment, all right. Between native populations and (mainly) reintroduction, Colorao's lynx population is estimated at only 150 and 250 animals. 

And while it's not a lynx — not down here in the foothills where there is little snow on the ground — the scout camera right up behind the house did pick up a bobcat this month.

This is good bobcat habitat though, rocky and brushy, but you do not see them very often. 

Just for comparison, here is a young bobcat living large at the wildlife rehabilitation center in Custer County, due to be released when the weather warms. 

Photo: Wet Mountain Wildlife


Pat, Marcus & Alexis said...

We had one in the backyard about a month ago.

Darrell said...

I used to see a bobcat pretty regularly crossing Woodmen Road in the Springs. This was between I-25 and Academy Blvd, late at night. I think it lived north of the road, crossing to the south side to hunt the plentiful rabbits on the Current property. I assume it was a female, one night it was accompanied by a kit. Woodmen is a very busy road in the daytime, but traffic is very light late at night.