February 21, 2006

Kestrels and bluebirds

Male American kestrel. Photo: US Fish and Wildlife Service
Kestrels have been more visible the past couple of days, and mountain bluebirds flit across the highway in nervous little flocks at the edge of the prairie.

That kestrel Web site is from Montana; kestrels and bluebirds don't rate a profile from the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

I've been preoccupied with my sudden new status as trustee for my late sister's family trust and as her executor. But on Sunday M. and I at least managed an hour's walk up Greenwood Road. We passsed two neighbors with the same idea. A sunny day with a temperature above freezing felt springlike, considering that it had been 10 degrees F. below zero two mornings before. And with the warmer sun there seemed to be an increase in overall bird noise as well.

But you can build a kestrel nest box. And if you were sufficiently techie, you could add a Web camera like this one in California.

Bluebirds too.

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