March 06, 2006

Dog days in the New West

From Andrew Sullivan comes this listserv exchange involving a New Mexico woman (new trophy-home owner?) whose dogs have discovered an elk carcass and wish to take up residence in it.

From the dogs' point of view, it's the Second Coming, the arrival of "cargo," or any religious metaphor you choose.

CoseyMo - 02:15 pm PDT - Sep 9, 1999 - What if you stand the ribcage on end, wait for them to look out, grab them when they do and pull?

Anne V - 02:18 pm PDT - Sep 9, 1999 - They wedge their toes between the ribs. And scream. We tried that before we brought the elk home from the mountain with dogs inside. Jake nearly took my friend's arm off. He's already short a toe, so he cherishes the 15 that remain.

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