May 11, 2006

Hail cannon-use divides farmer, ranchers

In the San Luis Valley, hail-dispersing "cannons" used by commercial vegetable growers annoy neighboring ranchers, who want all the moisture they can get, whether it comes as rain, snow, or hail, reports The Valley Courier. (Via SLV Dweller.)

See a hail cannon photo on the Web site of this Nebraska tomato grower

Here, meanwhile, a guy from Pueblo is installing electronic controls on the inadequate well that serves our rental cabin and three full-time households. Supposedly then we can automate our rationing plan, turning the pump off and on and shifting the flow from one line (to two houses) to the other. Cost: about $300 per household.

So far, everyone has been mellow about the rationing plan, but it means someone has to be climbing down into the well house and turning valves at least twice a day.

The fact is, all those people will be paying to have water delivered by tanker truck from Florence before the summer is out.

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