January 06, 2007

"When ostriches attack"

A few years ago, lots of people were trying to raise emus, ostriches, and such. They were one of the get-rich-quick schemes of the Eighties.

In some places, people just turned them loose after they got tired of the bird-farming game.

I don't, however, know the backstory to this absolutely amazing post.

But when I saw it, I thought that every addle-brained believer in literal creationism and the co-existence of humans and dinosaurs ought to read it too.


Steve Bodio said...

Ummm-- wanted ostriches but got "Arms & the Law"--??

Chas S. Clifton said...

(smacks forehead)

The link is now correct. Thanks for pointing that out.

Mary Strachan Scriver said...

The LA Animal Control officer said that ostriches were their most dreaded loose animal. Worse than lions, and they usually averaged five loose lions a year.

On the other hand, one of my former students raised emus for a while and never had a problem with them. Of course, they were also raising bison and had no trouble with them, either.

Prairie Mary

Steve Bodio said...

"Center mass" with a .40 caliber on a pissed- off dinosaur that weighs twice as much as a human and has a brain about the size of a walnut?!

How about double- ought buckshot to the head, or a .470 Nitro elephant rifle?