February 24, 2008

Blog Stew with Cadmium

• Work has started on pumping built-up water in the Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel, which has been threatening to dump millions of gallons of heavy metal-laden water into the Arkansas River.

• Success or sacrifice? The federal government has taken gray wolves off the endangered species list, as mentioned here earlier. Expect lobbying and lawsuits if states declare them to be game animals.

• The smell of spring: In Florence today I sniffed burning grasses on the air. Someone was cleaning irrigation ditches. It has been 15 years since I had that responsibility, but I still get edgy in March, thinking that I have to find that good windless day for burning.

• The same (?) pygmy owl came back last Monday and grabbed a pine siskin off the feeder. All I heard was a "foop" -- I glanced down from the veranda to see the owl turn 180 degrees to avoid hitting the house and fly fast off into the pines. No photos, this time.

• Via Odious and Peculiar, a new Web resource on birds: the Internet Bird Collection. My other reliable source for bird stuff is Cornell's All About Birds.

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