March 08, 2008

Blog Stew with Psychotropics

¶ Colorado leads nation in teen depression. Do you think nature-deficit disorder is involved? Berkeley Breathed might say so.

¶ The best sex on campus is in Environmental Studies. CSU-Pueblo used to have an Environmental Studies minor; I was on the steering committee. Then there was a change of deans, and it was canceled, for reasons I never fully understood.

¶ Game halted on account of owl: An eagle owl (the Eurasian equivalent of our great horned owl) flies into a Finnish soccer stadium during a game with the Belgian national team. The game is delayed while the fans chant, "Huukaja! Huukaja!" ("eagle owl" in Finnish). (Hat tip, Pluvialis).

¶ In Florida, meanwhile, professional golfer Tripp Isenhour kills a red-shouldered hawk -- by repeatedly driving golf balls at it -- for the crime of interrupting the filming of his instructional video.

Funny, it's soccer that is associated with thuggish fans. Golf is supposedly the gentleman's game.

¶ That must be some storm sweeping up the Ohio River country. This blog has had several hits today from people searching some variety of "thunder while snowing." And they are all coming from Ohio and Kentucky. One of my nature-writing students blogged about thunder snow in April 2007.


gl. said...

i cynically suggest the depression is partly because of the political climate; focus on the family represses a lot of healthy teen options.

but the environmental studies minor is a puzzle, especially given my the alumni magazine i received today which features the "greening" of campus.

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