March 22, 2008

New Mexico Barbie, continued

Peculiar adds to the list of New Mexico Barbies

Actually, Taos Barbie should be about 50 years old, divorced from Ken, with long (or very short) hair turning proudly grey. She always wears at least one article of handwoven fabric and plasters the Subaru with a palimpset of bumber stickers along the line of "Women Say No to War."

Having had her adjustment and high colonic, she is on her way to hear a speaker on "manifesting transformation and experiencing the joy of rebirth."

So what about Truth or Consequences Barbie? Much the same but more sun-weathered and poorer?

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Peculiar said...

I had rather the same thought about Taos Barbie, but failed to articulate it. There's a very similar archetype in Santa Fe, as I'm sure you are delightedly observing.