April 15, 2008

Fire Day

Driving home from the university toward the mountains, I could see two wild fires burning: one at Fort Carson, where an air tanker pilot died, and a smaller one in Pueblo West.

If I had been looking in the rearview mirror, I might have seen the one that has burned into the little prairie town of Ordway.

Nine o'clock at night, and a warm wind is still whistling in the stove pipe.


otowi said...

I live in Security, Colorado - by Fort Carson. All afternoon and evening the air smelled just like it does when you're standing next a fireplace with a fire in it that is just starting smokily. As I was driving home, my eyes itched and my throat hurt and I instantly missed the lovely Colorado air and blue skies.

Anonymous said...

It's horrible that people have died and had property destroyed, but personally, I'm just upset that 115 is closed - I've got to drive home through Pueblo now. :(