April 30, 2008

Gary Snyder Wins Lilly Prize

Poet, essayist and -- dare I say it -- philosopher (in the original sense of the term) Gary Snyder has won the Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize.

Snyder is always on my nature-writing reading list, which is partly why he pops up now and then on this blog, such as here and here (about being a wild animal) and here (about vultures), and here (Shelby as "wild").

The foundation's news release describes him as "in essence a contemporary devotional poet, though he is not devoted to any one god or way of being so much as to Being itself. His poetry is a testament to the sacredness of the natural world and our relation to it, and a prophecy of what we stand to lose if we forget that relation.”

Via University Diaries, who brings herself to admire Snyder even though he is outdoors too much (at least on the page) for her taste.

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