May 10, 2008

Blog Stew When Boondocking

¶ From my sister, the trailering snowbird, a site listing free campgrounds for RV-ers. Lots of Wal-Marts, naturally, but also national forest sites, city parks, etc. -- and in New Mexico, tribal casino parking lots.

¶ Ever since the dramatic gasoline price jump of the early 1970s ("Oh my god, 50 cents a gallon!!") some people have been arguing that full-time RV living, even in that Winnebago that gets 7 mpg, is actually cheaper and "greener" than living in a regular house, when you work out all the costs. And now you got the trendiness of running your motor home on used cooking oil. (How long until there is a shortage of that commodity?)

¶ Got an urge to fish with old wet-fly patterns, horsehair lines, and gut leaders? These people can help. Tweed jacket optional.

¶ Instructions for Plains-style sign language, from an online site for "traditional" Scouting -- in other words, the kind your grandfather might have experienced. Old school. Their slogan: "Dead Bugs, Blow Guns, Sharp Knives, & Snakes: What More Could A Boy Want?"

¶ I, too, have stopped to photograph the works of M.T. Liggett of Mullinville, Kansas. He keeps adding to them.

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