February 26, 2009

Hypothetical Wolves and Suburban Coyotes (1)

Reading the Denver Post lately has been like reading Predator Control Weekly.

First, the culling of elk in Rocky Mountain National Park stirred up the "Why not have wolves?" debate.

On the pro-wolf side, one Rob Edward of WildEarth Guardians. His real issue, however, is not elk, but guns -- eee-vul demonic guns that create a force-field of chaos by their very existence.

And guns mean hunters -- eee-vul psychopathic knuckle-dragging hunters violating the pristine precincts of Rocky Mountain National Park "under cover of darkness." (Has he been reading too many Nevada Barr novels?)

Rather than them, let us have gentle and saintly wolves.

On the "uh, not so fast" side, RMNP superintendent Vaughn Baker talks a lot about bureaucratic process but finally makes the key point that "there was consensus that wolves could not be contained within Rocky Mountain National Park's boundaries and would leave the park."

Imagine if these hypothetical wolves started eating snoozing Labradoodles in Estes Park or Frazier. Then would the wolf-cultists be so happy?

Wolves keep showing up in Colorado on their own, anyhow. (Hey, this could produce a new form of geocaching: "geo-wolfing." Just you wait and see.)

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