November 07, 2009

Would You Buy a Pink Gun?

In the beginning, rifle and shotgun stocks were brown-stained wood, except for some playboy-types who went with blond wood. White spacers added accents.

Then came black molded synthetic stocks, then camouflage patterns likewise, plus laminated wood, which I think looks good sometimes. (My waterfowling shotgun has a camo-pattern stock, but I really got it for the non-reflective metal finish, since much Colorado duck hunting is done in sunny weather.)

And now pink.

A lot of pink handguns and pink-stocked long guns are out there now. Who would buy them?

Hunters and target shooters said that the most popular color scheme was camouflage, with 62% of males and 60% of females chiming in with this preference. Other popular colors included black, green and brown, with pink getting 15.4% of women's votes. Again, the lowest preference for both genders included brighter colors -- white, yellow and multicolored. Thirty percent overall did not factor in color when buying firearms and related equipment.


Stephen Olner said...

my wife would by a pink gun

Holly Heyser said...

I wouldn't buy a pink gun, but if I won a pink .22 at a fundraising dinner, I wouldn't be totally ashamed to shoot it.

But yeah, pink? Not my color.

LabRat said...

They're popular with female shooters who want to make a statement, as it were, that being aggressively feminine and being an avid shooter aren't in conflict. Hence, the pink AR-15.

That, and little girls. I met a charming six-year-old this last weekend with a pink Crickett, and the daughter of one of our houseguests has one too.

LD said...

My daughter is asking Santa for a pink 22. She wants to differentiate hers from her brothers' when we go to the range for target practice :o)

Gretchen Steele said...

Nope - never a pink gun for me.. that whole practice of using pink to market to women hunters and outdoors people aggravates me to no end.. I am always stumped y fellow huntresses who spend large amounts of money on clothing in the right camo pattern, anti scent, etc the top it off with a blazing bright pink bow, gun, etc.. the logic escapes me..
It's hunting - not a fashion show...