May 12, 2010

Colorado's Online Elk Hunting University

Elk working 
through deep snow in the winter of 2008/9. Photo © CDOW/J. Lewandowski.

Under "Resources" on the blog roll, I am adding the Colorado Division of Wildlife's Elk Hunting University.
We call this effort Elk Hunting University (EHU) as a framework to pass along skills and knowledge to aspiring elk hunters. As we move through this course together, realize we are walking new ground that we have not walked before. We hope we can find innovative ways to teach you basic elk hunting skills, coach you to develop those skills to a higher level, and mentor you through articles and videos, responding to your questions and sharing with you the experiences of others.
Thus far, seven lessons have been posted:

  • Lesson One: Introduction to Elk Hunting 101
  • Lesson Two: Planning a Successful Elk Hunt
  • Lesson Three: Applying for a License
  • Lesson Four: Using Technology—Getting with the Times
  • Lesson Five: Pre-scouting—Using Maps and GPS
  • Lesson Six: Scouting Tips—The "Secrets to Success"
  • Lesson Seven: High Altitude Hunting
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    Anonymous said...

    This is wonderful. I hope the trend continues.

    When I was a kid in northern Michigan in the late 60's, you could take a hunter safety course for credit in junior high school.