May 22, 2010

Under the Jet Stream

Today's Jet Stream flow, courtesy of
The purple arrow is pointed right at us,* and the wind is howling. Nevertheless, M. and I hiked to Camera Trap Spring today and placed two scout cameras in different locations, one at the spring and one on a well-traveled game trail.

It's on BLM land but legal public access is topographically challenging. We can cross a neighbor's property, gain 500 feet in elevation, and then descend almost that much, all in 2/3 mile.

Since it's not hunting season, I really do not expect anyone to come by on two feet—that's the plan.

Our other fear is a more primal one, of walking through the forest when the trees are swaying in a high wind, hoping one does not drop on our heads.

*Well, actually it appears to be pointed more at Colorado Springs.


Darrell said...

Yup, blowing like the dickens all day here, boss. First day in the 80s as well.

Peculiar said...

From this perspective, it seems to be pointed directly at our chicken tractor. God, I hate spring in New Mexico some days!