September 02, 2010

'Young and Hungry' Update

M. and I stopped by the Raptor Center yesterday to retrieve our pet carrier and check on the status of the young and hungry peregrine falcon that we had left there after hours on Friday.

She (now sexed) had a dressing on her left wing, where there had been soft-tissue damage. Diana Miller, the director, now thinks that she might have flown into a barbed-wire fence.

On the plus side, she was alert and had recently enjoyed a meal of rat.

On the minus side, she faces as long as six months as a patient, until they can be sure that her wing is completely healed and ready for those 200 mph dives.

Miller and some volunteers had just released two Mississippi kites on the center's grounds. We could see them perched high in the Siberian elms. 

We hope that the Silver Cliff peregrine will fly away one day too.

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