October 24, 2010

Rodents and Fire

How frequently do you read about someone's house being destroyed by a fire "that started in the electrical wiring," and you wonder "How? Did the wiring short itself out?"

No, maybe it was the rats. Or squirrels.

And this is the time of year when some outdoor rodents start moving indoors (attics, garages, basements) looking for warmth.


Anonymous said...

We've had record numbers of mice move in this fall. I have always resisted poison but just picked up some Agrid3, which basically kills them through an overdose of Vitamin D3. It shouldn't harm any critters that eat dead mice and I made bait stations to set it out in to prevent accidental ingestion.

Thanks for posting this. It makes me feel a little better about going this route. Traps just weren't keeping up.

Peculiar said...

Don't forget Billy Collins' "Little Brown Druid" scenario.