October 07, 2010

This Fall Foliage Photo Has Been Posted in Accordance with Law

Fall colors near Ouray, Colorado.
This photo of fall aspen colors is posted pursuant to the Colorado Photography Act of 1964 (familiarly called the "Ektachrome Act"), which requires that all professional and semi-professional photographers in the state—essentially anyone who has ever sold a photo—shoot at least one full roll of slide film on scenic shots featuring golden aspen groves. 

That most photography is now digital appears to have escaped the legislature, which has not updated the statute's language.

(Journalist/blogger Hal Walter demonstrates his legal compliance as well. Con Daly is not in compliance, thus far.)


Connie said...

Well done. Glad to know you're a law abiding citizen.

Stephen Olner said...

I wonder how many other states have simular requirements

Holly Heyser said...

I cannot get my students to follow that law, even though our campus is covered with fantastic fall-color trees. I'll send them here.

Malcolm J. Brenner said...

What happens if you shoot Fujichrome instead? Do they deport you to Japan?

Chas S. Clifton said...

Mslcolm, As much as I personally preferred Fujichrome, I never heard anyone say "It's a perfect Fujichrome day."