September 04, 2011

Who Is Walking In 'Our' Creek?

It's not "our" creek in a real estate-ownership way, but it flows near our house. The real-estate market here is moribund, as in many places, and the house near which this part of the creek would flow—if it were flowing—has been vacant for nearly two years. So I posted a camera for three nights to see who was traveling up and down the dry stream bed.

The first visitor was a cat, maybe a neighbor's. It could also be a feral cat, although they don't last too long around here.

 Next came the animal you would expect to see, a raccoon.

In fact, there were two raccoons.

A black bear poked its head in front of the camera. I'll spare you the following bear-butt shot.

Finally, some juvenile hominids exploring new territory. They saw the camera, I know, but did not disturb it. Knowing their inquisitive nature, I think I will "rest" this spot for a while.


Cat Urbigkit said...

Great variety there - also, it's nice to see the "juvenile hominids" out exploring. Sure they can get into trouble, but it's a good kind of trouble!

Camera Trap Codger said...

Nice results, which prove you never know what's out there, even in your own backyard.

Holly Heyser said...

I need a gamecam for my house - I really want to know what my cats do when I'm gone or sleeping. (I know that one of them enjoys casting my rubber bands all over the place. Bad kitty.

Chas S. Clifton said...

Thanks for the positive spin, Cat. I was just glad that they did not grab the camera. Maybe they thought that it was there to catch them trespassing.

Thanks, Codger. Your praise is generous.

Holly, check eBay.

Galen Geer said...

Great pixs. Now the question, is M happy with her pepper spray when walking the dogs? g