October 26, 2011

Improbable Mountains

Last month the Denver Post's daily website quiz was a list of Colorado mountain ranges with the question, which name is bogus?

Anyone with a little historical sense could get it right. All the names were assigned in the 19th century, and there were no moose in the state then, so "Moose Range" has to be the right answer.

But a lot of people thought that the Wet Mountains were mythical. Perhaps that is a Good Thing.


Peculiar said...

Pity they didn't include Cannibal Plateau. I wouldn't call the Collegiates a range exactly, but we'll let that slide.

Darrell said...

I had to look up the Mummy Range... if I'd heard of it, I'd forgotten it (I'll plead ignorance by stating that most of my explorations of Colorado have been south of I-70). One pic in a google search shows a profile resembling someone lying down, with shapes denoting head to foot. I wonder how many Sleeping Indian mountains there are? One down by Cortez, I think, and another just south of the Climax mine, on Fremont Pass. It looks like an indian lying down while wearing a headdress.

I gather that an indian name for the Spanish Peaks is Wahatoyah (sp?), supposedly meaning "Breasts Of The World".