July 03, 2012

After the Fire, the Insurance Adjusters

Manitou Avenue — back in business

M. and I visited Manitou Springs, our former home, today. The sidewalks were full, and rain clouds hung over the Waldo Burn, as we might as well start calling it.

Later, driving south on Cresta Road, we saw these huge motor homes in the parking lot at Cheyenne Mountain High School, started to wonder what was going on, and then saw the signs: Travelers, USAA ... it was some kind of insurance claims center — an "insurance fair," M. labeled it, what with the tents set up and all the chairs.

Oh yes, they will be paying some claims.
“We do not yet have an estimate,” said Carole Walker of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association.

“The Waldo Canyon Fire is certainly the most destructive wildfire in the state’s history, in the sheer number of homes and the fact that most of them are in a suburban area.” 
Usually, it is hailstorms that bring out the RV's and tents.

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Darrell said...

Oh, the hailstorms were last month.