August 31, 2013

Colorado's Ugly New "Hazmat" Tourism Logo

This "brand new logo" looks like a hazardous-materials placard. "This truck is carrying carbon monoxide."

Or maybe it's a tent, and you have been left the camping stove on with the tent flaps closed, and now you are dead.

Did someone in the highway department design it? It's highly visible, all right, but does it say "Come visit"?

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Unknown said...

If people outside of Colorado do not recognize the letter 'C' from our state flag, the why has the Dept. of Tourism's 'Colorado: Come to Life' campaign been so successful when it features the C? Isn't that campaign specifically for out-of-state tourists? Why won't they change it if Brand Colorado's extensive research has shown it is fundamentally flawed? Because it's not true.

Shouldn't the "By Colorado" program mainly be focused on people in-state? I mean, would you be more inclined to buy a product that said "By Arizona?" No, you wouldn't because it is not your state.

HIckenlooper wants to run for President in 2016 and wants to stimulate our economy while distancing himself from the marijuana industry (which is not allowed to carry the logo, but can use the state flag since that cannot be trademarked). Because nobody came up with anything good, the program is backfiring because Colorado residents can't understand why we are not using the C in the first place.