October 13, 2013

Blog Stew: Only Partly Faked

¶ "Nature-faking" at the BBC. This is nothing new.

¶ Cornell Ornithology Lab has owl sounds for free download. Missing: spotted owl, flammulated owl, but a pretty good North American selection otherwise, since a lot of owling is done with the ears.

¶ The rising trend of fake service dogs. I have noticed this in the last two or three years. But service dogs are supposed to be calm, so there is no point in strapping a SERVICE DOG vest on Fisher.

¶ How mulching helped the High Park burn scar during last month's deluge.


Peculiar said...

I've seen some pretty outrageous "service dogs" in Santa Fe. We often joked about getting little vests for our ball pythons to take them places and hysterically shout at managers: "They're service animals and you're not allowed to ask me any questions!" But, at least in an open-air asylum like Santa Fe, I think most managers just shrug and sensibly tell themselves that it's not worth an argument.

I hope Steve will chime in with his Magdalena service monkey story.

Chas S. Clifton said...

One encounter I had a year ago was these people bringing two obviously poorly trained puppies onto an Amtrak cross-country train sleeping car and claiming they were "service dogs." They didn't even bother with fake vests.