May 09, 2014

Waiting for El Niño or Someone Like Him

It is May, and we are awaiting a possible rain/snow storm this coming Sunday evening, the 11th.

But the forecasters are cautiously predicting an El Niño even that could make the monsoon wetter and next winter's snows a little deeper in the Southern Rockies.

Colorado Springs television meteorologist Brian Bledsoe looks for analogs with earlier years in a blog post.
We have several burn scars across the state and more than a few of those reside right here in Southern Colorado.  Waldo Canyon obviously having the biggest impact on population, with Black Forest not far behind.  Despite the flooding that we have seen during the past couple of years, we really haven't had what I would call an active monsoon season.

Granted, we had a big late season round last September, but that was an exception to the rule.
If you want graphics, charts, animations, and graphs, visit NOAA's El Niño Theme Page.

Pop culture reference in this post's title.

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