March 30, 2018

Remember the Dust Bowl?

You probably don't remember it, unless you are over ninety. But see the right-hand blob of the red area? That's pretty much the center of the "Dirty Thirties." Compare it to this map.


Unknown said...

A friend's family is from Boise City, OK. (pronounced Boyce, not Boy-zee like the city in ID) Five generations worth. Her very elderly mother and a few aunts still live there.
Most of the family have fled to CO, NM, AZ, TX, one or two to GA. They well remember the Dust Bowl, it being a large part of their family oral history. Land in them parts is cheap, whole sections, even dilapidated towns. It's a sad part of Americana but them people are hardy and honest as they day is long.

Darrell said...

The annual Okie-Tex Star Party is hosted a bit NW of Boise City each fall:

Chas S. Clifton said...

All true. Boise City was Ground Zero of the Dust Bowl (or would that be Springfield, Colorado?) and then it had to suffer the indignity of being bombed by American aircraft in World War Two.