September 21, 2019

Where Is My CBD-infused Green Chile?

Some shots from this year's Chile & Frijoles Festival in Pueblo, still going on through Sunday. My visit was early, while the sun was still up and before the bands started playing, so it was a sort of sparse crowd.
It's more or less a celebration of every Southwestern street food
to which Pueblo County's Mirasol green chiles can be added.

And there were a lot of CBD (cannabidiol) products as well.
I foresee a certain convergence, a synergy if you will.
Yes, every kind of fast food and finger food.
Loaded-up fry bread ("Navajo tacos") is all right once a year.

The "Pueblo Chile Beer" is from Walter's, an old label that has been revived by craft-beer aficionados.
"Pueblo chile beer" is not one of their pre-Prohibition recipes, however.

These men are examining ristras of red chiles (sorry about the sun flare).
They were for sale along with many varieties of powdered dried peppers.

But what you could not buy were fresh-roasted Pueblo green chiles. Evidently the vendors don't think that anyone wants to walk around with a ten-pound sack of peppers, even though they are the best. 

Next year: CBD-inflused green chile beer. I will bet you money.


Ron said...

Maybe you were too early. We got a nice bushel of roasted Pueblo chiles before heading home around 2:30. I missed the chile beer though; will have to look for it next year.

Chas S. Clifton said...

I was later than you -- maybe you caught the end of the El Pueblo Museum's Friday farmers market before all those vendors went home?

Pat, Marcus & Alexis said...

I'm not familiar with Walters, but I've noticed all of a sudden that I'm seeing a lot of chile beers. It must be one of the last things in the craft beer to be explored. I sampled one recently by accident (was at an event and the bar tender poured the wrong beer) and was pleasantly surprised.