April 04, 2022

Blog Stew: Who Has Enough Water to Cook It?



 • A new drought map.
January-March 2022 precipitation hit some record lows. I am relieved to be living in one of the green areas on the map.

 • If you grow up in a city grid, your navigational skills are not so good, says Science.

 • Navajo law enforcement jammed up by the "lure of outdoor recreation":

More people are visiting tribal lands throughout the West and adjacent public lands to hike, bike or boat, and they’re accompanied by concerns about trespassing and vandalism at cultural sites, as well as traffic accidents and other issues. 

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mjh said...

I see no reference to those growing up in cities of the West, where many streets are straight N-S or E-W, often numbered or lettered sequentially. Moreover, many of us have visible landmarks (like our Sandia Mountains). GPS is probably doing more damage than where one lives. (Man I hate reCaptcha)