January 30, 2006

Fox season

When M. and lived in Cañon City, there were coyotes around, of course. We were literally on the edge of town--you could walk out our back door and keep going--and I think a coyote got one of our cats.

When we moved here into the Wet Mountain foothills--into the ponderosa pine and oak brush--we expected to see and hear more coyotes. But I could count on one hand the times that I have heard them.

Instead, this is fox country.

Once I saw a red fox cross the road at night near the creek, carrying a [garter?] snake in his mouth, giving him a giant "bandito" moustache. Our former tenants spotted a fox carrying a dead housecat. (We have several times founds the remains of cats--sometimes just the four paws.)

There are secretive gray foxes too, I think, based on their calls. (.WAV file, 168 kb.)

About a week ago, we were walking the dogs before bedtime, going along a gravel road near the house, when we hear a red fox bark right near the house. Lucky for all, the dogs were on leashes. It's getting to be fox mating season.

Now, at least once a night, the dogs come out their beds barking in response to a fox bark. Ah, vulpine love.

(Fox audio clips from The Fox Den.)

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