January 30, 2006

Seeking the bears' blessing-2

Part 1 here.

A guest post on Noel Black's Toilet Paper Blog by someone who actually met Timothy Treadwell in Alaska.

Treadwell's life is fascinating because he embodied so many American pathologies, good and bad. He ran away from middle class normalcy, changed his name, changed his accent for a time and then ran into the woods. He was both selfless (he taught school children about bears and the environment for little to no money) and a total self promoter, who hustled sponsorships from celebrities to finance his lifestyle. He loved nature, but it killed him.

I can't help but have fond feelings for Treadwell even though I probably shouldn't. He did have a big hand in getting his girlfriend Amie Huguenard killed. And to say nothing of the fact that two of his beloved bears died because he went into their house and fucked up.


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